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Marketing Team

Need a marketing team but can't afford one? Our Marketing Team in a Box was created to provide you with an entire marketing team for the same price or less than one marketing associate. We can support your existing Marketing Director with specific services like design and social media OR provide the entire team—director, designer, content manager, production team and ad strategists.

marketing team in a box

From strategy to messaging, creative direction and coordination, we can provide a cohesive, powerful marketing team that achieves your goals.

We provide marketing coordination and direction, as well as services like design, content production and social media, for clients like Thomasville National Bank, Tallahassee National Bank, VITA Surgery, Vashti Center for Children & Families, Battery Source, ACE Hardware of Thomasville, Southern Heritage Fine Furniture and many more.

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marketing for financial institutions

Client Spotlight: Tallahassee National Bank

Created in 2019, Tallahassee National Bank was founded to provide a level of service that harkened back to the days of true community banking. Adele Creative was tapped to support an outstanding team of bankers with total marketing support—including creative direction, content production, organic content management and design. Our organic engagement strategy helped TNB take a warm, non ad-heavy approach to the local market and propelled them to reach their five-year goal in just 18 months.

Financial Institutions
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"We are Tallahassee"

We Are Tallahassee

We Are Tallahassee

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marketing for healthcare companies

Client Spotlight: VITA Surgery

VITA Surgery represents a group of board certified, fellowship-trained physicians specializing in sensitive vascular procedures. Previously working with a freelance social media manager, they desired a higher level of visual cohesiveness and writing that would reflect the advanced nature of their practice. Adele Creative began working for VITA Surgery in 2022, creating a beautiful visual look across their social media channels, print design, print ads and social media ads. Their strategy engages a regional audience to position VITA Surgery as the top local patient- and physician-preferred option. 

Healthcare Companies
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Breast Cancer Fundraiser Community Cookout

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