At Adele Creative, we work with a small, core team with high competency and pull in individual specialists to work with particular clients. This strategy is essential in our mission to provide a superior level of expertise without the typical high agency price.

Milton Fielding

A gifted entrepreneur and team leader, Milton represents companies in Brazil while also leading our company's long-term growth.

Lauren Vann

Mentored by Disney Legend Ron Logan, Lauren's strong background in storytelling influences our design and messaging for clients.

Britney Glass

With an extensive background in the finance and real estate sectors, Britney brings a higher level of results-driven excellence to our social media clients.

Jacob Welch

A marketing director in his own right, Jacob brings a strategic eye for design and messaging to client campaigns, branding and the visuals we create.

Gloria Fielding

Gloria was a career first and fifth grade teacher. Her love for learning, research, quality and detail keeps the daily operations of our office running well.


Cappuccino—or "Chino"—is the heart and soul of our office, greeting friends and neighbors and working herself into more than one photoshoot.


Lauren Vann


Mentored by Disney Legend Ron Logan, founder of Disney on Broadway, Lauren developed a keen appreciation for the effectiveness of good storytelling. Before founding Adele Creative, she directed the Department of Cultural Innovation for the Brazilian State of Amazonas. Lauren applies her expertise to story-based branding, website design and social media marketing for forward-thinking clients. She is a Facebook and Google-certified content marketer. On platforms like Facebook, her clients typically perform better than 90% of similar accounts.


Milton Fielding


Milton is the Co-Founder and CEO of Adele Creative, LLC. Milton is an entrepreneur, having founded two successful companies in the States before returning to Brazil to continue mission work. He brings a business mind to the daily operations of Adele Creative, creating an underlying structure for creativity to happen. Privately, Milton and his wife Gloria are supporters of faith & cultural programs for youth. Their initiative to start a puppetry & theater ministry led to the creation of a Christmas spectacular that now attracts 100,000 people per year and is broadcast live to 3 million people in Brazil.


Britney Glass


Before joining Adele Creative, Britney acted as the Assistant Vice President of Lending for TC Federal Bank. In this position, she worked closely with the bank's real estate clients and also contributed to the bank's marketing advisory team. Her knowledge of the banking, financial and real estate sectors brings a higher level of excellence to our clients who depend on reputation, relationships and results to drive business success. In addition to leading our social media department, Britney is a Google and Facebook certified content marketer. She is a member of several Boards of Directors for local non profits and is a Board Member of the Thomasville City Schools Board.


Jacob Welch


Jacob comes to Adele Creative with an extensive background in design and marketing. Previous to joining our team, he served as the Marketing Director for New Hire Solutions, setting the tone for campaigns that stretched from digital to traditional media. His design work is informed by strategic messaging, an attention to detail and creative conceptualization that makes our clients stand out. In his capacity as Senior Designer, Jacob manages website design, branding projects, campaigns and print and digital design assets. He also serves as a designer for Thomasville Magazine and Southwest Georgia Living Magazine, the region's premier lifestyle magazine. Jacob also regularly gives back in work for area nonprofits. 


Gloria Fielding


Gloria is a native Canadian, hailing from the province of Alberta. Her first career was as an educator, teaching first and fifth grades and she also served on the mission field in Brazil with her husband, Adele Creative CEO Milton Fielding. Gloria's love for research, quality, detail and critical analysis are assets in the daily production of campaigns. She also keeps our office running smoothly and creates the happy environment we rely on to produce great work. In addition to daily coordinating tasks, Gloria also serves as an art director, researching design and layout to continuously improve the quality of Thomasville Magazine and Southwest Georgia Living.




Everyone loves chocolate, and Cappuccino is no exception! Always ready to greet our guests with a tail wag and a grin, "Chino" is known to unwittingly work herself into the background of many a photo. 


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