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Working with Adele

Before I founded Adele Creative, I worked extensively in show production with government clients and incredible entertainment executives. We learned to listen to what the audience wants and exceed their expectations. Today, our marketing team listens to you, our client. We exceed your expectations so your audience is "wowed" and keeps coming back. We're your secret weapon—the way you get things done. We love our clients, we have a great time with them and we let the results speak for themselves. I would welcome the chance to explore whether we are right for you.

- Lauren Vann



We assemble a team of experts that is tailored to your needs.

We believe you deserve to work with a team that respects and likes you. You deserve excellence without breaking the bank. At Adele Creative, we have a highly-skilled core team and we assemble a group of niche experts to meet the goals of our individual clients. Each group is created for that specific client.


Many of our partners are freelance specialists who have worked internationally or at a federal level with award-winning campaigns. They enjoy working with a few accounts a year, and love working with us. We bring them into your team so you benefit from their expertise without the overhead you'd pay to major market firms.  It's a system that works well—one of the reasons we have a 98% retention rate in our clients. 

Client Testimonials

"Lauren Vann at Adele delivered for me.  I had a huge ask on an unreasonable timeline and she got it done.  AND she nailed it.  She continued to follow-up to provide continued improvements that weren't apparent in the initial launch.

"Not only did she deliver - she became my biggest cheerleader writing me one of the nicest and most cherished notes of encouragement.  It is so overwhelming to get started, but Lauren gave me the momentum and the confidence to get my momentum going.  She is amazing."


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