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Meet Milton

An entrepreneur at heart, Milton serves as our CEO. He co-founded Adele Creative with his daughter Lauren Vann in 2013 as a consulting firm while living in Brazil and consulting for American companies. When she took the company full-time as a marketing agency, Milton became an essential support in the business.

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Milton Fielding


Milton is the Co-Founder and CEO of Adele Creative, LLC. Milton is an entrepreneur, having founded two successful companies in the States before returning to Brazil to continue mission work. He brings a business mind to the daily operations of Adele Creative, creating an underlying structure for creativity to happen. Before her passing, Milton and his wife Gloria were supporters of faith & cultural programs for youth. Their initiative to start a puppetry & theater ministry led to the creation of a Christmas spectacular that now attracts 100,000 people per year and is broadcast live to 3 million people in Brazil. Milton continues their commitment to ministry with frequent trips to Brazil to help manage construction projects.

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