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A team that is tailored to you.

We believe you deserve to work with a team that respects and likes you. You deserve excellence without breaking the bank. At Adele Creative, we have a highly-skilled core team and we assemble a group of niche experts to meet the goals of our individual clients. Each group is created for that specific client. 


Milton Fielding

Co-founder, CEO

A gifted entrepreneur and team leader, Milton manages the day to day business of the company, providing the basis for our company's continuous growth. He also serves on the mission field in Brazil, where he oversees numerous construction projects for local churches.

Fielding SEC Portrait (2).JPG

Lauren Vann

Founder, Creative Director

Mentored by Disney Legend Ron Logan, Lauren's strong background in storytelling influences our design and messaging for clients. Before founding Adele Creative, Lauren served as the Director of Cultural Innovation for the State of Amazonas (Brazil) where she led a state level agency. 


Ben Fairbrother, PMP

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is an accomplished executive with over two decades in professional leadership, strategic communications and emergency management. With extensive experience leading and developing organizations in the public and private sectors, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge to our clients.

Britney Glass.jpeg

Britney Glass

Director of Social Media

With an extensive background in the finance and real estate sectors, Britney brings a higher level of results-driven excellence to our social media clients. She was formerly the AVP of Lending at a regional bank before joining our team. Today, Britney leads the account performance of our retainer clients.


Natalee Singleton

Director of Content & Communications

Natalee directed marketing and public relations within the healthcare industry  and as a Communications Director for one of Florida’s state agencies. She’s written for distinguished national magazines such as Southern Living and The Progressive Farmer. 

Adele Creative-Headshots-0007.jpg

Jacob Welch

Senior Designer

A marketing director in his own right, Jacob brings a strategic eye for design and messaging to client campaigns, branding and the visuals we create. At Adele Creative, he has created numerous brands, print assets, trade show booths, and packaging while also designing for our retainer clients and two regional magazines.


Josh Copeland

Production Coordinator

Josh runs our production calendar, from producing quotes to scheduling shoots, casting models and managing design production timelines.

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Office Pup

Heidi is the heart and soul of our Thomasville office. Britney's fur child, Heidi shows up nearly every day to greet clients and sit in on meetings. She has modeled for a number of clients too! 


Brand strategy and development, design, content creation, website design, social media marketing, media buying and more.


About Our Logomark

The interlinked "AC" rests on three traditional makers marks. The first shield shows a crown above an X and is a traditional symbol of quality. The second shield traditionally shows a maker's signature and contains our monogram. The third shield displays a symbol of the maker's original town. Ours is Thomasville, GA where the Bobwhite quail is revered for its importance in our culture of conservation and hunting.


Do you take pride in your work and value a great company culture?

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